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Weather Related Effects on Reindeer Herding

Reindeer herding with its nature of migratory animals is very vulnerable for changes of environmental conditions. Winter rains, increased storms, an extended period of thawing and freezing, warmer summers and a growing risk of insect plagues may impact reindeer herding in the future.

Climate change and Forestry in Northern Europe

Climate change may make forests grow faster and the tree line will extend northwards. But these effects might not result in good productive forests: The species distribution may change and the risk of damage through spring frosts and increased storms and pests might rise. Nevertheless the higher growth-rate may result in a higher wood outtake, which is beneficial for wood producers.

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Sector ForestryForestry

As far as forestry is concerned, the effects of climate change are related primarily to problems with bearing capacity and winter roads, reduced accessibility if the spring flood cuts roads off, more harmful insects, more top rupture because of heavy, wet snow... Read more

Sector Reindeer HerdingReindeer herding

For reindeer husbandry, the problems associated with climate change are primarily the icing over of pasture land, poorer access to fodder because of drought, increased insect nuisance, unpredictable weather... Read more


One problem for winter tourism is that it would be more difficult to stay in business if the snow season starts later and ends earlier since there will be fewer customers and less income. Weaker ice surfaces would also be a problem, as would a heavier spring flood... Read more

Sector ConservationNature conservation

As regards nature conservation, the problems mentioned are icing over and less access to fodder for certain animals, changes in species distribution, flooded hiking trails and bridges, more storms and unpredictable weather, changes in accessibility... Read more

Sector FisheryFishery

Case studies done within the fishing sector in Norway show that changes in river currents and temperature may result in poorer fishing but they could also affect fishing in a positive way. The distribution of fish could change, as could the fishes' spawning grounds. More algae may occur... Read more

interaktiv-sida-om-klimatfoeraendringar-1NorthPortal är ett forum för rapportering av klimatspaningar och informationsspridning om väderrelaterade förändringar i Barentsregionen. Tanken är att NorthPortal kontinuerligt ska presentera och diskutera ny information från både forskare och en intresserad allmänhet. Fokus ligger på områden som skogsbruk, fiske, rennäring, turism och naturvård i...

About NorthPortal

How can we adapt to climate change in the north?

Northportal describes people's observations and means of adapting to changed weather conditions.

You can report your own observations too!

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About the NorthPortal

How can we adapt to climate change in the north? Northportal describes people’s observations and means of adapting to changed weather conditions. You can report your own observations too!

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